5 helpful tips for an e-commerce website

New e-commerce websites have it tough getting their name out there. With the likes of domain age also playing a big part in Google’s algorithm, all too often it’s a case of first come, first serve.

However there are bits and bobs that you can do to win online against a larger competitors. Usually being small and nimble, having less red tape you are in a better position to take them on.

Add a local address and telephone number: Something as simple as adding a local address and telephone number can assist Google is knowing where you are and if you are selling locally. This sort of thingg is vital, as more targetted visitors will convert much better. If you are targeting a global audience it is even more important, as trust can influence sales

Embrace free traffic where you can: There are a number of ways that e-commerce sites can gain traffic for free. Social media sites now also offer a decent stream of traffic for followers or fans of a particular brand. Again this is something that can be easily integrated in confirmation emails that you would send to your customers.

Know the customer: Knowing exactly why your customers are purchasing, is your single greatest asset. Market research can proide you with insight into how and why someone uses you over your competition. Use the feedback to further improve your company and website and the rewards will come. Even a simple feedback form link integrated in your confirmation email can help.

Be Transparent: Larger companies have a terribly annoying habit of losing transparency. Make sure your policies are displayed clearly and that they aren’t putting the customer at a financial risk. Pffer answers to any questions you receive quickly, openly and honestly. This is where the like of twitter can come in handy as it facilitates one to one contact with the customer.

That little something special: Larger companies are often to focused on sales to add that extra something that small business’s can. Sending out personal touches like a happy birthday email and discount voucher. Small details like this can go a long way in building a relationship with a customer.