7 Ways To Maintain An Envious Social Media Presence

I do get people asking me questions on how to maintain their social media and look professional. So I decided to give some tips today. If you are not a social media enthusiast then this will not help, maybe you might have to find another blog on how not to be a social media enthusiast to read.

Now, enough of the dancing and dangling Social Media as if you have lost your purpose.

1. Maintain one profile picture across board

You will get your followers confused if you keep changing your profile pictures like a mother/father changing her/his baby’s diapers. The moment you start confusing your followers on social media, they will just do themselves a favor and have that one click that will send them away, not for some few months or years, but for forever. Maintaining the same picture, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, blog, Linkedin, YouTube and any other social media channel you use is very important. It’s like your identity card.

2. Fill your ‘about’ section with every information

Your ‘about’ section, needs to be fed. You need to feed it with all the credible information about you. I trust you are not a scam, so there is no need for you to keep the information that will tell people more about you hidden. You have everything to gain than to lose when you give the right information about you in the ‘about section of all the social media channels.

3. Have a very beautiful header

Do you see the big space at the top of the screen on most of the channels? Yes, that one. It’s very important you fill that space with either a photograph of you, or something that says much about you or what you do. Every channel with the name given to it. But I call it ‘header’ across board. They all have different dimensions. If you don’t get the right dimension then I am sorry you will be making a fool out of yourself.

4. Connect your channels

Yes, you can connect most of the channels and be able to post to one channel, but, it will automatically be shared on all the channels you connected. Yes, it seems most people can do that, but, they do it the wrong way. I have seen people connecting their twitter to Facebook, which is wrong. Connecting Twitter to Facebook is different from connecting Facebook to Twitter. Now, let me explain this. When you connect Twitter to Facebook, all your posts are automatically shared on Twitter, but if you connect Twitter to Facebook, all your Twitter posts will be shared on Facebook. And your followers don’t expect that random spamming of their news feed on Facebook. So it’s a no no. This might sound a bit technical though.

5. Stand for something

Don’t fall for everything. No! Don’t commit such mistake. Try as much as possible to be consistence with what you post. Don’t post about soccer today and in the next is about food. Don’t post about dresses today and the next is electronics. Stand for one thing and be known for it.

6. Engage your followers

Engaging your followers gives you more credibility, you will gain more followers. When those wanting to connect with you realize that you engage your followers, it motivates them to connect with you. No one would want to follow a ghost account. Or someone who feels so important that he/she does not comment back when people comments on his/her posts.

7. Reward your followers

It does not take so much to reward your followers. You can do this in kind or in cash. It’s fun. It makes you happy and makes your followers happy as well.

If you find some of these too technical for you, you can contact a social media professional for help. I believe you can find some in your networks. Or you can ask me, and I will be glad to help.