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Buying likes is a great way to increase your perceived popularity on Facebook. Today social media has a dramatic impact on you as an artist, a business or whatever else it is you use social media for. It’s always important to have a good number of likes on your page, whether it be a new page or a more established one. In this country popularity is seen in numbers, the media portray this mindset time and time again, especially when it comes to Facebook, nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd as they say. That saying holds some very important truth too, because take for example two pages with 2 separate artists in a hypothetical (yet all too often real life) situation, both artists might well be as good as each other but people will automatically be inclined to trust or follow the artist who has a more apparent established fan base/reasonable number of likes to begin with. It’s a silly thought process but it unfortunately holds true time and time again.

One page might have 14 likes and the other 1014, it’s almost a subconscious decision people make, they feel more inclined to like the page that already has a reasonable number of likes, being the one that seems to have a following to begin with, jumping on the bandwagon so to speak. All the while the person with only 14 likes struggles to acquire new fans or followers regardless of the equal ability both artists share. This leads to why buying Facebook likes can be truly beneficial, as experienced first hand many times over by lots of our existing customers.

Using methods such as ours alongside your own promotional efforts can have a great and dramatic impact on your social media growth. Some customers like to keep their page on a regular increase by using us too, boosting their pages on a monthly or weekly basis to keep up the perception of growth and popularity. It’s important, and importance and popularity translates into an all important fact, sales, money or success. That’s what you as a business or as an artist hope to achieve someday, and that won’t be achieved by having no likes or no fans on your page.