Getting Started with Pinterest

To get started with Pinterest, it first helps to understand how the site works. This page is devoted to helping you do just this.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site in which a person can “pin” images they see around the web onto “boards” in their account. These images then appear in a feed that all people following the person can see along with pins posted by other individuals or businesses the person in question is following.


When you sign up for Pinterest, you are provided with a main account page. Your profile appears at the top. Below it, one sees a page with “boards” on them. You create each board on a topic you find interesting. For example, this is the account page for Yoga Journal with the company profile listed at the top and the boards listed below.


To post an image to a board, you need to “pin” it. This is done in a variety of ways. The most common is to download the Pinterest pinning app when you open an account. It will add a button to your browser. When you see an image you wish to add to your boards, you click the pin button, add a description to the image, choose the board and click save. The image then appears on the corresponding board in your account. Anyone clicking on the image will be taken to the website the image originally was published on.


Copyright is a major issue on Pinterest. A person who creates an image owns the copyright to it, to wit, the right to copy and distribute the image. If you do not have permission from the copyright owner, pinning the image could make you liable for copyright infringement. Obviously, this should be avoided at all costs. Businesses often use our service for this reason alone since we screen all images first to make sure there are no copyright issues.


The goal on Pinterest is really to generate as many followers as possible for your account. Images you pin are shown in the feeds of your followers. A feed is a large set of images that rotates top to bottom. The most recent pins appear at the top and then are slowly shuffled down as newer pins appear.

The more followers you can generate, the more people that will see your new products when you pin them. If you return to the Yoga Journal page mentioned above, you can see the magazine has 60,000 followers. That’s a very healthy number and one it takes some time to build up to for most businesses on Pinterest.


As I write this, Pinterest has between 70 and 80 million users. Approximately 75 percent are women. For this reason, the site is considered a hot spot for selling products of interest to women although it should be noted that “gifts for me” is a popular category as well.

Have a question not covered here or interested in learning more about pursuing a Pinterest campaign? Contact us today to find out what opportunities exist for your business on Pinterest.