Instagram Login

Instagram started out in October, 2005 as a photo and video sharing app and social network. It allows users to record 15 seconds videos and post them, photos with various effects and send/receive private message between users. In 2012 it was acquired by Facebook and in 2013 it grew by 23% and boasts 300 million users as of December 2014. If you would like to use Instagram and do not have an account then create an Instagram account. If you are having problems with your Instagram login then follow the guide below.

You are able to sign in to your Instagram account using a computer and see photos you have posted, your account information, “like” other photos but you are not able to upload photos, videos or receive/send private messages as that is only done on the Instagram app installed on your cell phone.

Before we proceed with your Instagram login, you need to install Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device if you have not done so already.

To login to your Instagram account, follow the steps below:

Instagram-login-screen 1- Open your Instagram app after it has been installed on your phone. It should look like the image on the left. If you do not have the app, CLICK HERE to learn how to install it.

   2- If you do not have an account, create an Instagram account. If you do, go on to step 3.

1- Type your Instagram username. Make sure you are entering the right username so that you can successfully log in to your Instagram account.

2- Enter your Instagram password. Make sure the password you entered is the correct one so that you wont have to recover it.

3- Click the green arrow to login if you are sure that the username and password you entered are the correct ones.

4- If the website says that the login details that you entered are incorrect then you need to recover Instagram password.

If you are looking for help on any other issue that is not instagram login then check the menu on the right, you will probably find what you are looking for.