Instagram Tips

Get More Followers On Instagram

Social media is pretty much a basic necessity of many peoples lives nowadays—to the point that it’s hard to imagine life without it. We use social media to connect to family, friends, old schoolmates and even co-workers. It just provides everyone a way to keep in touch, even when they’re miles apart.

Instagram is perfect for people who love to share photos across social media. The photo sharing site even allows businesses and individuals to take advantage of marketing opportunities by showing potential consumers their products and/or services long before they consider buying them.

Businesses and individuals can always buy followers to increase their Instagram follower count from the beginning. That initial boost of followers can tempt other users into seeing the ‘big deal’ about their photos and other content.

There are, however, other ways that businesses and individuals can get followers—just follow these tips from InstagramExplode.

Tell your followers. Always invite friends, family, associates and even followers from other social networks to your Instagram profile. Use your other social media pages to promote your Instagram page to ‘spread the word’ about your Instagram presence.

Look for others who need followers. There are a lot of people who need Instagram followers—and they’re typically people who already request them through ‘shout out pages.’ By commenting on these pages, you can ask them to follow your account in return, as long as you follow theirs back.

Look at user statistics. Always look at user statistics on Instagram to get an idea about who’s doing what on the site and who actually follows back. People who have large amounts of followers, as an example, might not follow a lot of people back. People who have a near equal amount of follows and follow-backs are users that are highly likely to follow you back.