Instagram Tricks and Tips

If you have recently created your profile on Instagram but still don’t know how to make your profile interesting and unique, then look into these wonderful, fun and effective Instagram tricks and tips that can get you going. Remember, the best way to enjoy this photo sharing app is when forget about the rules and just try everything that you can do to become creative with your shots.

Vintage Shots

Since buying a vintage camera is almost next to impossible and if there still are, it would definitely be too costly, one trick to make good use of your Instagram app is to focus on creating vintage types of photographs. With just a click on some of the pre-designed edit features there on your screen, you can totally recreate the look and feel of any ordinary image you wish to upload and share.

Let the Colors Speak

Another great tip when using Instagram is the use of all the colors you can possibly find. Some Instagram is focused more on providing your shots with a vintage appeal, find other applications that feature more color designs. Colour Splash Photo app is one of the best options that you have. This app can add color and flavor to your shots with just a few thumb actions.

Go For Paid Editing Apps


Even if you are tight on your budget, don’t worry about still getting paid editing apps. When you do, you will find that not only will your images look absolutely fantastic and amazing, you will also find that the less that $5 you will be spending for any app you can find will be so worth it. The technique is to never get too many apps out of excitement. Rather, just get the apps that you really need.

Get Candid

Another trick and tip on Instagram that you shouldn’t miss is to always go candid. If you are fond of using old and existing photos for your account, make sure to start taking pictures more randomly and more candidly. Take pictures using your Instagram app any time you feel like it and then add the necessary edits you think will make it look more wonderful. This way, there’s no need for you to double work and feel a little too restricted when taking shots.

Follow Not Only Friends

Don’t forget that as much as you love your friends, they are not the only people you can rely on to make your network on Instagram grow. Make sure to follow people who share the same interests with you as well as the same likes. This way, you will be able to reach a group of people who will most likely become active on your account because you speak the same language without even knowing each other personally at all.

Now that you are fully equipped with all these tips and tricks you will possibly ever need, make it a point to utilize them as soon as possible and create a more exciting Instagram account like never before.