Twitter Marketing Tip – 7 Common Sense Secrets to Foster Stronger Bonds With Your Twitter Followers

Since unfollowing is so easy, they can easily react to a swear word or angry thoughts by blocking you. However, they warm up nearly as easily if you’re cordial and helpful. So put on your best behavior.

2. Don’t Be Bratty. Twitterers are generally from an older age bracket. As a result, your exuberant excitement over Megan Fox’s latest hairstyle and petulant emo-ness isn’t going to win you any fans from the more sensible set.

3. Get In Front Of People As Much As Possible. There’s a lot of noise on Twitter. Unfortunately, that means your politeness is going to be met by ignorance. If you want your marketing material to be consumed, you need to tweet as frequently as possible and as much as possible.

4. Be relevant. Gray Halbert said good marketing is to find out what people want and give it to them. Twitter Marketing success works the same way. The more relevant your tweets are to people, the more well received they are, and the more authoritative you come across to them,

5. Ride on trends. Fads may come and go, but they make the opportunistic really rich. Track the hot conversations on Twitter and turn them into blog posts and articles. You enjoy short term but repeatable viral traffic spikes when you keep tapping into trending topics.

6. Stop trying so hard. People can smell your put-on eagerness from a mile away. You don’t need to proclaim yourself a guru over and over again to be seen as one. Tweet good information and people will start seeing you that way. Remember respect is earned, not asked.

7. Enjoy the ride. Twitter is meant to be fun. Your Followers are using it for fun. So start flooding their tweet stream with candid thoughts and links to cool stuff. Do this for an extended period of time and your fun will lead to funds.
~ From “The Puppet Master” Kenneth Yu